There is nothing like competing in a game or match when the stakes are especially high. The intensity is raised if a championship is within reach or you are in a win-or-go-home situation. You feel the risks and the tension more strongly. At the same time, you anticipate the joy that comes as you give your best with so much on the line.

One of the reasons you love coaching is the unique experience of these competitive battles. You want your athletes to have the best chance of succeeding in high-stakes settings. You prepare them to fight through adversity and to remain faithful to the game plan at all times. You coach your athletes to hold nothing back as they contend for the prize in your sport.

In Paul’s letter of 2 Timothy, he addresses a competitive battle that is far more significant: the fight to live faithfully for Jesus and to point others to Him in a world often set against Him. The stakes could not be higher. The struggle is
for the glory of Christ and for the lives and eternities of the people He loves. 2 Timothy will challenge and inspire you to contend courageously for the gospel.

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