The book of Psalms can be a great resource for coaches who want to worship God.

•  Psalms provide words of praise and thanksgiving: The book of Psalms is full of songs of praise and thanksgiving to God. Coaches can use these words to express their gratitude to God for their abilities and successes.

•  Psalms encourage humility: The Psalmist often acknowledges God’s power and might, which can remind coaches that their success is ultimately in God’s hands. This can encourage humility and an attitude of gratitude.

•  Psalms offer comfort and strength: The book of Psalms also contains many verses that offer comfort and strength in difficult times. Coaches can turn to these verses for inspiration and motivation when they are struggling.

•  Psalms provide a framework for prayer: Many of the Psalms are written as prayers to God. Coaches can use these prayers as a framework for their own prayers, lifting up their concerns and hopes to God.

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